119 Panic

"How was your day out?"

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Yanee looked up to see Tohru standing next to her. She was on the wooden balcony outside her room facing the hot spring and garden where she hanged out with him last night. She was busy jotting down notes on all the stories she'd already listened to. She just finished writing down the lessons on each one when he arrived. 

"G-Good," she stammered as she turned her eyes back on her notebook. 

She had lifted her head without thinking earlier and was K.O.ed by the potato's handsome looks. He wore a business suit, but the upper buttons on his shirt were already open, his collar loose. This made her able to glimpse a bit of his chest— not that she hadn't seen it before, because she had when he soaked in the hot spring on the first night in Kyoto. Still, she's not yet used to seeing it in broad daylight so she was feeling shy. 

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