151 Not The End But The Beginning of a Story


"Hey, yourself," Yanee teased upon hearing Tohru's voice. 

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"Interviews over?" he asked, and Yanee smiled as she settled on the bed.

She lay contentedly on the pillow as she listened to his voice. 

"What do you think?" she countered his question with another one. 

Yanee couldn't understand but she was feeling playful at the moment. Surely, it hadn't been long since that time she thought she truly disliked him. She had thought that even if he's attractive, he's totally canceled as an object of her affection. But there they were, in a relationship that came out of the blue. Even if hadn't been long since they got together, she felt more and more familiar with him. 

It must be due to the big sisters talking about him as if he were a little child. She had learned a lot about Tohru's personality based on the ladies' stories and anecdotes of him. 

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