166 Not Man Enough

"Good evening!"

The Lee couple recovered fast enough to return the greeting. They were still visibly flustered— well, at least, Yanee's mother was. Her father was an expert and only his kids could tell the difference. 

"I'm so sorry to barge in unannounced. If I knew you're busy I wouldn't come,"Tohru apologized and her parents quickly shook their heads. 

"It's alright. It's us who suddenly dropped by. We heard Yanee's working at home so it's only normal for the boss to come and check,"Mrs. Lee said with a smile and Yanee covered her mouth to stifle her laugh. 

She wondered if her parents realized they just indirectly told the guy to go ahead and come unannounced whenever you want. But she didn't have enough time to ponder as she knew she had to do or say something and she cleared her throat to get their attention. 

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"Er… Mom, Dad, this is—"

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