59 Not A Prince But A King

"Did you just say that I'm a prince pretending to be a frog?"

Tohru James had never heard of that comparison before. He was… surprised.

Chummy shrugged. "Well, you can also say you're a prince pretending to be a pauper or a diamond pretending to be a rock. You're so picky with analogy boss. They're the same anyway. In the end, you are still someone trying to appear simple when you're really not."

Well, she had a point. He had nothing to say to rebut what she said. He sighed and placed his fork down on the plate. In all honesty, he's really not comfortable to tell people his background. It was why he loathed the interview before.

"What do you suggest then? Yanee has trust issues. How do I fix that?" he said.

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Chummy studied him for a while before sighing. "Boss, Yanee is not the only one with trust issues. You do too."

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