143 Nixie Tan

"Yes, they do!"

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Yanee and Jena turned towards the door to see a smiling Nixie standing there. 

"You're here!" Jena called out in delight as she shifted on the bed. 

Nixie hurried towards her as she scolded the patient. "Don't move! You don't want to strain your leg too much, no?" 

Yanee had also left her seat to try and restrain Jena from standing up on her own. Jena smiled sheepishly and let Nixie and Yanee tuck her back to bed. 

"You two worry too much. I'm not that fragile, you know," she teased and Nixie rolled her eyes. 

"Say that to your husband. Can you imagine what Alvin would do when he learns you have to stay here at the hospital longer because you strained yourself too much?" Nixie prompted and Jena smiled sheepishly imagining just that. 

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