2 New Boss


Yanee had no idea if her voice was too loud or if it came out in a squeak in her shock – and she didn't care if they did. Her heart was racing too much for her to think about other people seeing her lose her cool.

Nevertheless, her hand automatically closed over her mouth for several seconds as she calmed down before she leaned closer to Chummy for clarification.

"What do you mean?"

This couldn't have been happening. Her company was a good one if not the best or one of the biggest publishing companies out there. The qualities of their published magazines and books were also high, and so, even if they were a small company, they more than got by.

So, how come that it was suddenly sold out of the blue? Also… to who?

"I mean what it meant. Our company was suddenly sold a day after you went on leave," Chummy began.

A day after she went?

"Why was I not informed then?"

Yanee couldn't believe what was happening. No matter how much she thought about it, as someone who was a hardworking employee, the company should have at least given her notice. She didn't want to believe that she was that insignificant to be left in the dark as she had.

There must be some mistake somewhere.

"Well, none of us knew what was going on until the new owner was introduced to us almost a week ago."

Chummy sighed as she took Yanee's hand and led her to her seat just behind her table and made her sit down. It was at a good time too as she could feel her legs giving away any moment.

"The boss just came here and called all of us at the function room one day, introduced the new owner, and then the new editors-in-chief of some of the departments."

"What? Our editors-in-chief were also replaced?"

Yanee was beyond shocked and worried now. The editors-in-chief in their company were all good. If those people got sacked like it was nothing, what more them – the simple employees?

Chummy nodded but smiled. "Well, they were good at their jobs; it was only natural that the new company wanted to transfer them to somewhere bigger like the mother company."


Yanee blinked several times as she absorbed this news. So their editors were not fired but promoted? Then, she frowned remembering the last part of what her friend said.

"Mother company?"

She felt like a parrot repeating words, but her brain just couldn't catch up fast enough that she had to say the words again to basically understand them.

"Yes, the new mother company. The one who bought us is a publishing giant."

The company must be a good one since Chummy looked pleased upon mentioning their acquisitor. There was no more trace of the earlier sadness on her friend's face.

"You look pleased," Yanee commented with a frown.

"Well…"Chummy started, her eyes darting everywhere except Yanee's face, and the latter had a suspicion that she was hiding something from her.

"Fess up,"Yanee commanded.

She was not really a bossy friend, but this situation calls for great intimidation as Chummy totally looked like she wouldn't tell her anything if she wouldn't force the information out of her.

"Well, we kind of got promoted too," she finally said making Yanee's eyes grow big.

They got promoted!


"That's good news then,"Yanee said with a huge sigh looking totally relieved.

"You and I are both assistants to the editor-in-chief now," Chummy continued, and Yanee had never been so elated.

Assistant to the editor-in-chief!

It's like a huge step from her previous post as a mere print journalist. In her previous job, she had to do a lot of tasks such as churning out ideas for the magazine, doing research and interviews, and then writing the actual articles.

On the other hand, being an assistant to the editor-in-chief was like becoming a personal assistant and secretary combined. In addition to being knowledgeable and on hand with the day-to-day task of running the magazine, the assistant also served as the editor's organizer, reminding the boss of the daily schedule and serving as the boss's sounding board.

It would be a herculean task, but Yanee was eager to do it. There was nothing anyone couldn't learn if she put her heart and soul into the job. She might not be experienced enough, but with the help of her new boss, she knew she would be able to learn the ropes in no time.

"That's great…"

For a while, she feared she had lost her job. If she didn't, then it's good. However, before her heartbeat even came back to normal, her friend dropped a bomb… well, figuratively.

"But you've been transferred."



"What do you mean?" For the nth time, Yanee was confused.

Wasn't she the new assistant to the editor? Why was she transferred then?

"Transferred where?"

"Er…"Chummy turned her gaze away again and Yanee finally understood.

"I'm out of this company?"

Was she transferred to the new mother company then just like their bosses?

But Chummy shook her head and before Yanee snapped, she started talking.

"You've been promoted as the new assistant to the editor – but in a different department."


"Different…department? You mean… not our magazine anymore?"

The publishing company of course had several departments within it as several types of magazines were produced by them. There was lifestyle where she worked, then sports, then food where Chummy was working, then, the literary department where they published different types of novels.

Yanee was now unsure again. Since she started working – no even before that with her on the job training before graduation, she had always worked for a lifestyle magazine. If she thought she'd have a hard time adjusting to her position as the assistant to the editor, then the struggle she'd face by suddenly being transferred to a different department on top of the promotion would be like a fish taken out of the water.

"Oh God…where?"

Yanee choked her question before swallowing hard. She could already imagine the tough times ahead.

"The literary department," Chummy answered which made her close her eyes as she said her prayers.

Not only Yanee thought of novels as unappealing, she totally found the editor there as interesting as aged bread.

"I know, I know you dislike it," Chummy condescended but Yanee didn't feel the least better. "But don't worry your new boss is totally awesome!"


The aged bread was awesome?

Yanee couldn't imagine the old editor there as someone amazing.

"No, your boss is not Mr. Tanaka. It's someone very young and impressive," Chummy chuckled, totally guessing what she was thinking. But this made her feel a little bit relieved.

Young and impressive? Yanee couldn't think of any literary editor that fell under 'young and impressive' except for that untalkative editor-in-chief she interviewed months ago.

"Then who?"

As soon as she asked, a rustle sounded behind her, and when she looked she was shocked as she met a pair of intense dark brown eyes set in a very handsome and aristocratic face that was so familiar.

"That would be me," Tohru James, the untalkative young and impressive editor she had interviewed months ago answered curtly as he stared at her with his poker face.

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