42 Namdaemun Market

"Whoa, so this place is like this," Tohru James murmured as he glanced around.

He and Yanee stepped to the side to let motorcycles delivering items pass. But as they waited for the road to be big enough for them to walk again, they let their eyes wander around.

"What were you expecting it to be boss?"Yanee asked in amusement.

Tohru was really like a little boy in his excursion. "Well, you said it's an ancient market place, so I was expecting it to be… well, ancient."

There was a hint of disappointment in his voice as he looked at the bright and modern signs. He must have been imagining something totally old looking like the market places shown on historical TV dramas and Yanee couldn't help but laugh at her boss silently.

"That can't be. This place was just established in 1414, but it's been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. It can't stay looking old," she told him.

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