67 Mama & Dad

"Oh, you flirty prince," Marian's mother giggled at Tohru's antics and Yanee wondered if her boss really had dual personality he could easily switch in between.

Yanee had to admit though that the atmosphere in the dining area was warm and cozy as they ate. Because of their hosts' welcoming attitude, she felt as if they were all a part of one family dining together. By now, she already understood that her clients – the people she's interviewing were all Tohru James' close friends. His relationship must be too good with them that he's close even with their other family members.

Like Marian Kang's parents, for example…

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"Mama, you're friends with some owners of the kimono shops here, right?"Tohru asked the lady, and Yanee's lips twitched.

See? Her boss was so close to them that he even called Marian's parents Mama and Dad.

"Yes. Why are you asking?" the lady asked, and Tohru pointed at Yanee, much to the latter's surprise.


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