155 Love Is Not Eternal

Who said that ROFL [Rolling On the Floor Laughing] was just an internet expression and not exactly applicable in real life? If Yanee hadn't collapsed on the table laughing until her tears came out, she'd have been literally rolling on the floor. 

Jisoo who sat opposite her on the table was the same, although more controlled than Yanee's reaction as she was the one who told the story. Still, remembering that time in her life made her guffawed so much she was totally red and tearful as she held her stomach. 

"Oh my God!"Yanee gasped after a while. 

She knew she looked totally unladylike but she'd never heard such a funny story before. Plus, she knew who the people were in the story and she could totally imagine them in her head as if she were watching a comedy movie. 

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"This was real, right?" Yanee asked for confirmation in between laughter. 

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