37 Little Brother & Little Sister

"Oh, you're busy?"

Jisoo's beautiful face crumpled into a pout. She was obviously disappointed, and Yanee wondered why.

"Give Little Bro a break Big Sis Jisoo," Nixie Tan, one of the ladies who was a very famous fashion designer spoke teasingly as she pulled Jisoo to her and gave her a comforting pat and leaned her head against the older woman.

What Yanee didn't know was that while Nixie leaned over, she also secretly whispered something in Jisoo's ear.

"Little brother will go on a date tomorrow. We should fuss over him some other time," Nixie said, her tone totally hush-hushed that Yanee had no idea why the sullen Jisoo suddenly perked up.

"Ah, it's fine. Let's just have another gathering when the book's finished – but your treat," Jisoo imposed on Tohru, making everyone give him a knowing smile.

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Yanee wondered what his boss would answer when the potato suddenly flashed a smile so charming it killed her brain cells.


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