148 Life Lesson

"I can just imagine. You've bottled things up inside far too long," Yanee commented. 

"Much longer than I should have," Nixie agreed. 

Nixie used to be the type who didn't really voice out her thoughts because she feared being alienated from her peers. But she realized that she shouldn't have minded other people at all. 

"Do you know what the lesson in the story is?" she asked with a smile. 

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"Oh, we're doing that?" Yanee was surprised. She and Jena didn't discuss life lessons after all. 

Nixie nodded and laughed. "I was ordered by the little brother to ask you."

"Really?"Yanee wondered why. 

"Yes. He said it's important that we discuss this before you return to Tokyo," Nixie informed her with a teasing look. "The potato made it sound like a desperate lesson," she added making Yanee pout. 

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