56 Lessons


Water fell like short rain cascading down her back. Mist filled the glass walls of the huge cubicle as she slowly rinsed the shampoo from her hair. Yanee's lean fingers massaged her scalp to help herself relax.

It was almost nine in the evening. She was back in her hotel room at Maison Pierre. She had finished the interview with the Li couple early and the couple took her out to dinner. It was quite a lovely evening with the small family, but Yanee still felt a little off from the interview. It was a good thing that the Li couple was really busy and so after eating, they did not linger.

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Yanee returned to her room feeling restless and stuffy, and so she decided to take a shower. She also used this time to sort out things in her head. The hot water on her back made her body relax, and when she finally stepped out of the bathroom, she felt refreshed.

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