159 Keeping Secrets

In the afternoon, the same day, the delivery of the clothes came at the promised time. The staff that came with the delivery people was two, one elderly and one teenager apprentice. Tohru went to the room to change into the kimono and the two fixed it for him while Yanee watched. 

She had to admit the potato really looked good even in traditional clothing. She sighed dreamily as she took out her phone to take photos for Ami. But as soon as she lifted her head, she saw the potato looking at her and winked. 


Heart…. Her heart did another flip-flop and Yanee sulked at her very teenager reaction. She's still not used to this so it took time for her to adjust and breathe properly. With a sigh, she held her phone up and waited for the staff to stand aside before taking photos. 

Tohru smiled at her as she took his photo. 

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