126 Jena Wang

Yanee would just be staying in South Korea for three days so she didn't bring much luggage. Aside from light cosmetics with a specific brand she liked to use for makeup and lotion, she's not picky on other things such as shampoo. The bath stuff they had at the hotels suite was good as she had tried it last time as well so she was satisfied to use them again. 

As soon as she put her luggage in the armoire, the phone to her suite rang. At first, she wondered who it was since Tohru would not call her in the hotel room but call her phone directly. But then who was she kidding? This was the Grand Blue Hotel. There wasn't anyone else who'd know she had arrived in Seoul the fastest without her informing them herself except Jisoo and Yushin, the owners. 

She hadn't even sent a message to Tohru yet. Remembering that tidbit, she took out her mobile phone and hastily sent a message to the potato with one hand as she used the other to answer the phone. 

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