96 It Pays To Tell The Truth

"Bye! See you back in Tokyo!" 

The authors waved at them before disappearing inside the hotel building where they had walked them back from the restaurant. Only Yanee and Tohru were left outside. 

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"Come," Tohru said as he extended his hand towards her. 

"You!" She was still fuming a bit and kicked his shin making him jump back in pain. 

"Aw! Honey, don't be mad," he said as he rubbed the injured part, but he didn't look angry. 

He just had on a helpless expression, and his light brown eyes looked at her like a puppy asking for forgiveness. He stood back up and extended his hand again with a sheepish smile. 

After they had dessert, they finally did some serious work. She checked Rui's outline and the part where she was having difficulty and made some suggestions just as a normal developmental editor would while Tohru checked Bajj's. They did some revisions as well as offered some ideas on how they could get around some plot holes. 

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