43 Inspired, Expired

"I'm dying," Yanee groaned as she semi- collapsed on the sidewalk.

They had been walking and eating for some time now, and her legs were killing her and her stomach was complaining as it had stretched too much. However, contrary to her agonized situation, the potato continued to look fresh and good looking – so good looking that she felt aggrieved.

He didn't even look tired after all the walking they did!

"Boss, aren't you tired?" she asked as she squinted up at him.

Because he wore a plain white shirt, he looked so neat. By now the sun was up. Nonetheless, the heat didn't seem to bother him as he looked like he's not even sweating.

"Nope. I can still go around," he answered cheerfully making Yanee look depressed. He raised a brow at her. "Why do you look like that?"

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"I don't know where you get your energy, boss. I'm jealous," she dead-panned, eliciting musical laughter that assailed her ears.

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