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"That's why Yanee, I don't want you to misunderstand anything about me. I'm seriously pursuing you. Will you go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend?"


Yanee Lee's brain system crashed. Rebooting in process… Crashed again. 


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"Yanee? Yanee?"

Tohru James's soft voice called out for her many times before Yanee was able to gather her bearings. But it was difficult. Totally difficult. 

"W-W-What?" she managed to stammer after some time. 

"Why are you so shocked? I already told you I like you before. Isn't it normal to ask you to be mine?"Tohru suddenly said and Yanee's mind finally stabilized although she still felt nervous. 

That's true…

Yanee actually had expected this to happen but she was still rendered brain dead when it did. The potato's charm was really potent. 

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