158 If You Want

"Actually, I talked to both."


Yanee was beyond shock that her jaw slacked. 

"Close your mouth. Flies will come in," Ami teased her as she drank her sugar-free soda. "Why do you look so shocked? You should have known Tohru's mom and sister talked to me on the phone back at the kimono shop."


Yanee snapped out of her shock enough to think back. Sure enough, while she was talking to Marian or Mama James, one of them would be at the backroom with the shop manager talking to her sister. She thought they were discussing business at that time. 

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Evil. They're so evil. How were they able to plot something so sinister at a short period of time? Yanee wanted to know as she glanced at Tohru who remained quietly watching her at the side. 

"Why are you so quiet? Aren't you going to protest?"Yanee asked her boyfriend whose smile widened upon hearing her words. "What's so funny?"

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