63 I Like You

"Do not close the book, huh?"

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Yanee felt the familiar cynical reaction within her bubble up but didn't outright reject what Chummy said. She was aware; she knew. It's not good to generalize. Still…

"Chummy?" She softly called out her friend's name.

The other lady still hugged her from behind the chair. "Yeah?"

"I know that I have only been hurt by one person. It's very illogical for me to be jaded after just one bad experience," Yanee began.

She knew that for some people, her dislike for romance was an overreaction. It's not like she was the same as other women who had been hurt over and over again. No. Aside from that one relationship, she never had any other. It's why even she couldn't understand her own aversion – why it was so strong.

Sometimes even she, herself, thought that she was being petty. But if she was going to be honest with herself, she had always known the answer. She was scared. She didn't want to feel that numbing pain again.

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