164 I Have A Boyfriend

"Tohru James? Like the Tohru James?" Mrs. Lee asked wide-eyed. 

Er… Yanee was not sure about "the" Tohru James thing but she nodded anyway. 

"Oh my…" Mr. and Mrs. Lee exchanged looks of wonder and Yanee felt like there was something weird about it. 

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"What's going on?" she asked. 

Her parents totally looked like they discovered something so shocking that she became curious. Tohru mentioned meeting them at a party two years ago. But he didn't tell more details so she had no idea if they had more connection than being at the same place, invited at an event by the same host.

"What's going on?"Mr. Lee snorted. "That's what we'd like to know too! Who'd believe Niji would send their superstar to a smaller company without anything in it? Something must be brewing."


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