76 I ❤ U I Do 9: Wild & Hot

Liam whistled happily as he stepped on the brake pedal, parking on the sidewalk, and then he frowned as he eyed the car ahead. He just arrived at Marian's apartment complex and frowned at the familiar vehicle in front.

Jay's here? 

He wondered what his secretary was doing at Marian's place as he stepped out of the car. He then bent to take the huge bouquet of roses sitting on the passenger side.

Since he didn't see the younger man as a love rival anymore, Liam just shrugged. He'd just ask his secretary to leave so he could be alone with Marian. With a smile plastered on his handsome face, he reached for the doorbell and pushed.

Ding dong!

The door swung open and Liam's smile vanished upon seeing the frantic look on Jay's face.

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"Boss!" the younger man exclaimed upon seeing him. "Help us! It's Big Sis! She's sick!" he cried and Liam didn't waste time barging inside the house.

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