75 I ❤ U I Do 8: Chocolate

Liam Kang stared at the documents resting on his table with unseeing eyes. He was working— or at this instance, he was trying. But his mind kept drifting off as a soft smile curved on his lips.

He had a grand plan, and thinking about it made him excited and impatient. He sighed. He forced himself to look at the documents again and do a semblance of work. But as soon as he picked up the paper again, a series of knock resounded before his office door was pushed open.

A pretty young lady in chick white winter dress stepped in. Her long legs kicked the door close behind her as soon as she entered. She threw her back haphazardly on one of the chairs near the door as her elfin face lit up in a mega-watt smile.

"So, how's lover boy?"

Liam looked up and grinned at his visitor.

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"Susie!" he exclaimed as he motioned for his childhood friend to come closer as he stood up and opened his arms in welcome.

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