74 I ❤ U I Do 7:BINGO

"Big Sis, can you get a grip of yourself?" Jay stated as he eyed his senior disapprovingly though he was actually worried.

He was holding an improvised ice pack against Marian's forehead since she just ran against the glass partition of their respective working areas.

"I know you're a little broken-hearted but I think that's not an excuse to ram yourself against walls. That's your third time today."

"Who the heck's broken-hearted?" Marian retorted grumpily as she reached out and punched Jay's gut, making him grunt but the latter continued to hold the icepack.

 "See? You're in the denial stage," he interjected and this time, she raised a foot and aimed a kick at her colleague's leg, making the latter step back. "Well, violence is a form of emotional release too though I'm not happy it's aimed at me."   

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