73 I ❤ U I Do 6: Ice Queen & Dreamy Princess


Hearing the secretary's name, the object of his jealousy, Liam's smile vanished, replaced by a cautious expression.

"Oh yeah?" he asked casually so that the assistant would tell him more.

To be honest, he didn't want to hear Marian talk about Jay Co or any other man, but Ken said that in order to be sure that there was nothing between them, he had to hear the words from her own mouth. Even if this hurt him, he would persevere. He would ask. He would know.

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"You and Secretary Co are pretty close," Liam commented casually and she nodded.

"He's like the baby sister I never had— I mean brother," Marian said making Liam's ears as big as Dumbo's, his eyes blinking as if he couldn't believe what he just heard.

He was, after all, bracing himself on finding out that his secretary and personal assistant indeed had something romantic going on.

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