71 I ❤ U I Do 4: Drown His Sorrow

In a cozy bar somewhere in Seoul, a man wore a dark aura around him as he decided to drink himself into a stupor. Well, at least he'd try to do that later. Years of having a very responsible habit still prevented him from dropping everything and by drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

With a grim expression, Liam gripped the glass of brandy he'd been nursing for a while.  He was sitting alone in the bar, drinking in solitude. He was sulking. 


In his chest was a hodgepodge of emotions, and all of them unpleasant.

A couple of hours ago, he had decided to go home early to prepare for his shopping trip with Marian tomorrow. He was actually in high spirits— excited like a high school boy on his very first date. Since he'd go home early, he had told his secretary and personal assistant to go home too.

When he got to the parking lot however, he saw them.

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