69 I ❤ U I Do 2: Unprofessional

This is it. I'm so not in love with him, Marian thought as she gritted her teeth.

Earlier when the Kang called her personally at the cafeteria, she had thought that the president had something very urgent for her to do. It turned out that the blasted man wanted to have his own lunch and had personally asked her to buy them for him.

What am I? A gopher? 

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She asked herself if she was some sort of a servant and then she paused as she realized the answer. 


She was a personal assistant after all which roughly translated to a glorified nanny which just so happened to have good pay since she was working for the president.

Oh well, she sighed as she glanced at the sandwiches and cups of coffee which smelled splendid, by the way, making her empty stomach growl. She didn't know why her boss asked for her to buy a lot but she didn't think Liam intended on eating all of these on his own. 

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