86 I ❤ U I Do 19: I ❤ U I Do!

Jay watched as his boss ran like a madman and sighed. Looking at the president's expression, he knew Liam had misunderstood something.

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"Oh well, what's new Jay Co?" he asked himself sarcastically. 

Misunderstanding was the running joke of his life lately with those two besotted idiots sandwiching him. He shouldn't be surprised if the president jumped into conclusion, a hobby his boss and Marian shared.

"Oh well," the secretary muttered as he sighed once more. 

There was no use running after his boss and making him listen to him. He had been trying to tell Liam that Marian was pregnant and that the president should come clean if he wanted her to stay. But since his boss ignored him because as Jay had guessed judging from the president's reaction, Liam was thinking she had something ominous such as a serious medical condition, Jay would just have to give up.

"Yup," he agreed audibly as he turned to leave. 

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