85 I ❤ U I Do 18: Not Hallucinating

He…kissed me…

Still unbelieving, Marian James remained staring at the closed door her boss exited just a few seconds ago. 

"He kissed me…" she whispered again in disbelief just as she realized that the telephone hadn't stopped yet.

Somewhat coming to his senses, she quickly went to pick up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Geez Big Sis, what took you so long to pick up? I was beginning to get worried. Vice Pres said you went home hours ago," Jay said on the other end.

"Jay Baby! Are you okay now?" she asked worriedly. When she left the hospital, Jay was still unconscious.

"Yes I'm fine— and you haven't answered my question," the other retorted pointedly and she chuckled. 

"Aww, Jay Baby's fussing like a wife now eh?" she teased making the other screech.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH! Bis Sis, don't ever joke like that with me!" Jay scolded her and she pouted. 

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"Okay, I'm the wife then," she countered, making the other screech some more.

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