84 I ❤ U I Do 17: The Kiss

Ding dong…

The doorbell rang incessantly at Marian's place as the man on the doorstep grew impatient. But alas, the door remained closed and there was neither sound nor light coming from within the apartment.

 "Where could you be?" Liam asked in frustration as he raked his hair with his fingers, a habit he's been doing over and over again these past few days. 

In his hand was the crumpled resignation letter his PA had coldly left earlier that day on his table. The young president had driven here directly from his office, and it had been several minutes since. He had tried calling his PA's and secretary's phones but both were out of reach. Wearily, he slumped against the closed door and slowly slid on the floor, sitting there to wait, and wait he did until he fell asleep only to be woken up a couple of hours later.

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"President Kang? Sir?"

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