83 I ❤ U I Do 16: Why Is It Me?

"Yummm…" Jay crowed as soon as their food arrived. 

Regardless that he and Marian ate here just a week ago, he couldn't help his mouth from watering, anticipating his early dinner. He really loved the food here. Marian was the same, or so he thought. Glancing at the lady in question, he noticed that she wasn't as enthusiastic about the food as he was and he sighed. Maybe this big sister was sulking because he had laughed when he was told that she resigned. 

"Big Sis, you're not angry at me right?" he asked and watched as she turned to him with sad eyes.

"You might be thinking that I'm kidding. I'm not," she told him seriously, and the secretary gave up. 

There was no sense arguing with a pregnant woman, he realized. He just decided to humor her.

"Well, if you've already decided, then there's nothing I can do about it," he said as he twirled the pasta with his fork. "So when are you planning to resign?"

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