79 I ❤ U I Do 12: Heartbreak

Liam blinked as he stared at his mobile phone several times. It's been minutes since his secretary called but until now he couldn't quite absorb yet what had been said. Jay Co didn't give him time to think nor a chance to answer before he ended the call, so until now, he wasn't sure if he heard or understood correctly.

"Pres, Marian Sis is having allergies and cramps. She said she's going to the drugstore before meeting with you. She said she'll just see you at the gala – oh, and she said she loves me…"

The young president frowned at the last part – not that he believed it anyway. 

"Marian's sick?" he wondered out loud. 

He worried that he might have done too much with her last night. 

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"But she was the one who had been wild…" he muttered under his breath, making his frown deepened. "Wait a minute…what cramps was he talking about?"

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