78 I ❤ U I Do 11: Flashbanged

The phone rang incessantly, jerking the man sleeping soundly on the bed awake. With lids heavy with sleep and lips pursed into an annoyed slant, the man exhaled audibly as he raked his face with his palm, while his other hand reached for the screeching phone. In his mind was a string of murderous words he'd very much want to grant that person who dared disturb his off day. 

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"Yes?" he drawled lazily on the receiver, ready to give the caller a scolding but failed to do so. Instead, his mind went blank at the loud screeching that welcomed his ear from the other end.


"Big Sis, you woke me up in the morning jus to squeal at my ear?" Jay asked grumpily as he scratched his tummy and yawned. "What's your problem now?" he asked again after the woman on the other end had calmed down a little and the guy who was unceremoniously wrenched from dreamland felt generous enough to listen to her ramblings.

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