68 I ❤ U I Do 1: She Likes Cute Girls

"I think, I'm a boy trapped in a girl's body after all," a brown-haired, fair-skinned beauty muttered grumpily as she sighed audibly in frustration.

Her huge doe eyes downcast, staring at the porridge she stirred endlessly with her spoon; the food got colder by the minute. Her plump red lips set into an adorable pout as she shifted on her seat to rest her chin against her arm which was placed on the table.

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"No sis," a guy, a tall and lean one with model-like looks retorted as he glanced at his senior sitting across from him with a bored expression.

They were at the company cafeteria having their break and he's already fed up by the other's daily woes. "I think you're a girl with a guy trapped inside of your body," he added with his usual sarcastic tone of voice making the brown-haired beauty stop and stare at him with a disapproving expression as she raised herself to a proper sitting position.

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