118 Harvested A Potato

"I don't mind…"

Yanee was having a sister appreciation moment so she wouldn't mind the little things. 

"Well, if you're sure, then inform the manager that you don't mind. I will send you your modeling fees later, okay?" Ami said and Yanee quickly protested. 

"What fees are you talking about?"

"Your catalogue modeling fees," Ami told her, her voice amused. 

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"I don't need it okay?"Yanee countered but Ami laughed. 

"Well, I knew you would say that and would be stubborn about it," Ami agreed. 

Just as when Yanee thought her sister would back off with payment, she realized she was wrong. 

"We'll just chalk it up to me owing you. You have a free wedding planning and events coordination that I will personally handle, okay?" Ami told her making her panic. 

"What are you talking about? Who's getting married?" she asked. 

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