33 Good Looks That Stun People Into Silence

It was almost seven in the evening when a black limousine pulled over in front of another Grand Blue Hotel in Seoul. A couple of valets quickly came to open the car door, and a lanky man in sapphire and black suit stepped out of it. The man's handsome and youthful face stunned the valet for a few seconds before he snapped out of his trance and remembered to greet the guest.

Tohru James didn't mind the faux pas. He was not very strict and didn't care much about light errors such as this one. He nodded at the valet as he held out his hand towards Yanee who was still in the car to assist her. His dark brown eyes twinkled in amusement.

"Relax. You look like you're walking towards an execution. Nobody will murder you here," he teased her as he helped her out.

"Boss, I don't know if you're cheering me up or bullying me," Yanee retorted weakly, thankful for Tohru's arm's support.

She really felt like she forgot her gut back in her hotel room, and she was more than nervous. At times like this one, she was glad she was not working solo, even if the other person with her was a slightly annoying potato.

Tohru chuckled softly at her words. "I'm doing both," he told her unabashedly annoying her more than she lifted her face to stare at him, aiming to give him a pout, but stopped as she was blinded by his handsome face again.

She had to look away, with her heart racing.

Daaaamn! Why did the potato have to look so good?

In Yanee's eyes, Tohru James had leveled up from a newly harvested dirty potato to a mouthwatering French fries with bacon and cheese.

Urgh! So good.

Annoyed at herself, Yanee finally got her bearings together as she looked forward towards the door.

"Relax. I'm here, am I not? Do you think anybody would dare bully you in there with me here?"Tohru suddenly stated as he took her hand again and anchored it on his arm like a good escort. "Shall we go slay the party, partner?" he asked playfully afterwards.

Yanee had the inkling to roll her eyes but cooperated instead. She raced her fist but her face was still without enthusiasm as well as her voice. "Slaaaay…"

Tohru laughed openly at her expense as he ushered her towards the ballroom where the party was at. Even before reaching the door, Yanee could hear the faint sounds of people talking and laughing along with the soft music as the background.

However, as soon as they stepped into the room arm in arm, the voices suddenly disappeared and all eyes were on them.


Yanee placed an awkward smile on her face as she nervously leaned closer to her boss to whisper. "Sir, what happened? Why are they looking at us?"

Unlike her, Tohru seemed totally relaxed. He pulled her to the side so they wouldn't block the entrance as he leaned towards her to answer. "I think my handsome face rendered them speechless."


Yanee looked at her boss as if he'd gone mad, and the man had the gall to laugh at her face. "Boss, I'm seriously worried it's why I seriously asked the question, okay?"

"And I seriously answered," he retorted almost immediately with an equally serious face.

Yanee was so infuriated she wanted to give him a roundhouse kick there and then but someone suddenly came towards them so she behaved.  

"Tohruuuuu!" A delighted female voice assailed them from across the room, and Yanee turned to see a very stunning woman with jewel-like eyes floating towards them.

Yes, floating.

It was because the woman wore an off-shoulder velvet long dress that made her look like either a fairy or a princess. Her feet couldn't be seen from under her skirt, and so the way she elegantly hurried towards them made her seem to be floating. The lady looked very beautiful with her long, black hair fancied into a neat chignon. If it was possible, Yanee wanted to whistle in appreciation.

"You look handsome that you stunned everyone to silence as always," the lady playfully and cutely accused Tohru, making Yanee's eyes wide as she turned to her boss who looked smug.

He really made the people quiet with his good looking face.

"See? I told you I answered seriously," Tohru smirked before turning to the lady who finally reached them. "Big Sis."

Huh? Big Sis?

Yanee transferred her gaze from Tohru to the lady he called his big sister, trying to check for any semblance in their features but found none. Although the two both looked striking, they didn't have any similarities in features.

Tohru James was an American-Japanese, while the lady looked Korean – like one of those beautiful and totally cute girl idols she saw on TV.

"You finally arrived! We've all been waiting for you," the lady said with a cute pout and Yanee felt like pinching her cheeks. She was so cute…

Fortunately, before Yanee lost control and really pinched the woman, the lady turned to her with her brightest smile. "You must be Yanee!"

"Hi! Nice to meet you," Yanee quickly greeted the lady. "Er… Miss?"

She still had no idea who she was, but she was sure that this lady was one of those she would be interviewing. Normally she'd get a photo of each and every one of her interviewees, but this was a strange bunch that insisted on meeting her in person instead of being known from glossy photos.

"Mrs. Jisoo Park, but do call me Big Sis Jisoo like this little brother does," the beautiful lady answered readily and warmly than reminded Yanee of those doting big sisters in dramas.

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"Er…Big Sis?"

Yanee was hesitant. Why wouldn't she? This was Jisoo Park, the Queen of Grand Blue Hotels!

"Yes!"Jisoo put on a serious look as if warning Yanee. "I will be sad if you won't call me big sis," she said with a pout and Yanee was assailed with the urge to pinch her cute cheeks again.

"I will. Bis Sis. Big Sis," Yanee quickly repeated making Jisoo satisfied.

However, deep inside, Yanee's consciousness was weeping. What in the world just happened?

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