57 Flirty Potato

"Welcome baaaack!" Chummy rushed over to envelop Yanee in a bear hug.

As if she's not still satisfied with their closeness, Chummy tiptoed and placed a kiss on Yanee's cheeks too before clinging to her arm.

"Are you a cat? I've only been gone for four days,"Yanee jokingly scolded her.

Chummy on the other hand snuggled closer. She laid her head on Yanee's shoulder as she complained. "Ah, but that's still too long. You went away again when you just returned from your week vacation."

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"So clingy," Yanee teased, just as the door to the inner office opened, and a handsome potato stepped out.

Tohru James was looking at the documents in his hands, but when he looked up and saw Yanee, he was obviously surprised that he misstepped. The glasses on his eyes fell sideways due to the inertia and Yanee's heart fell with it.

"Why is this potato looking so good again today,"Yanee mumbled inaudibly – or so she thought.

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