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"The ex was a prince who's really a frog. But you – you're not a prince at all. You're a king."


Tohru was confused. "What do you mean?"

"Shimizu Kyo, that asshole was a selfish spineless frog prince. He loved Yanee but still agreed to a contractual marriage with another rich family in order to secure power. He's so scared to lose his inheritance if he dared bring Yanee home, but he didn't want to let Yanee go either."

Chummy looked disgusted as she told him about the guy. Tohru felt uncomfortable too, honestly speaking, but he knew that this was an important thing he had to endure listening to. He needed to know to compare and learn from the other man's mistakes. He didn't want to do the same thing.

He would definitely treasure Yanee, he was sure of that. When he decided to pursue her, he already decided to go all out. He was scared to make mistakes.   

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"But you are not like that, right, boss?" Chummy suddenly asked.

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