45 Falling In Love Is The Easiest Part

"Maám, would you like a drink?"

Yanee Lee looked up from the documents she had been scanning to see the smiling face of the flight attendant. A trolley of drinks was parked next to her seat and her lips stretched to return the smile.

A sense of déjà vu assailed her as something similar happened on her way to South Korea just a few days ago.

Didn't this happen already? She asked herself but shook her head instead. Why wouldn't it be familiar? For the next month, a situation like this would happen again and again as she would be flying a lot.

"Apple juice, please. Thank you," she said and waited for the stewardess to hand her the cup.

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She smiled and thanked the woman again before placing the cup on the tray table on her left side before she turned her attention back to the papers she was reading. On her lap was the information about the second interviewee, Ashley Zhang Li. Attached on the file on the upper right part was a glossy photo of the lady.

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