106 Eros Et Psyche 9: The Weak & The Strong

"W-what?" she asked remembering the cold woman back at the restaurant. "What did she do?" she asked in concern and her other self's eyes filled with tears.

"Every time Michael wasn't looking, she would hurt me. At first, she would only abuse me verbally. But when she noticed I never told her son about it, she escalated, most especially when I stopped working. She began hurting me physically too. She would slap, curse or humiliate me whenever Michael's at the office."

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Ria's heart squeezed painfully at her chest. She could feel the other's emotions but it was only natural. They were one.

She held the other tight, letting her continue as she let the other her know that she was there— that she would never run away from the memories she was going to show her. 

"Was she the one? Was she the one responsible for bringing me back?" she asked though she already had an idea that it was the case.

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