105 Eros Et Psyche 8: The Other Woman

"Are you ready?"

Swallowing hard, Ria exchanged looks with her sisters as they gave her a squeeze for support before she nodded. They were sitting side by side at the doctor's office where she would undergo therapy so she could retrieve all her lost memories, and if possible, cure her other malady too.

Honestly, she felt like a nervous wreck but her determination to get things over and done with was just as strong.

Ria already knew what was wrong with her. Her sisters told her that when she was a child, when they were still living in the US, their father had received a transfer letter to South Korea. She was too young then, and since both her parents were busy she and her other sister were left in the hands of a relative and her family to take care of them. Left alone in the hands of a nice caretaker, never had they thought that the very same person would abuse them. Since her older sister went to school, Ria was mostly the one who was hit. 

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