104 Eros Et Psyche 7: The House In Sentosa Island

"What are you saying? I lived here until seven months ago Big Sis. I can't remember this house being renovated," Ria stated, totally in confusion.

Having said that, she watched as her sisters exchanged looks. Their eyes had widened in awe as understanding dawned in them. 

"Ria… it's the other you right? I mean you're the other Ria right?" they asked which puzzled her further.

"Bis Sis, what are you saying? I don't understand," she replied with a laugh, still believing that her sisters were somehow playing a joke on her.

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Her siblings on the other hand looked more concerned— not to mention disconcerted having realized what was wrong. "Ria, you graduated two years ago…" they informed her seriously.

"What? How's that possible?" Her brows rose in disbelief. "Stop kidding me you two. That's not a funny joke," she added with a nervous chuckle as her heart raced, her temple beginning to throb.

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