103 Eros et Psyche 6: Back To Korea

In a dark room inside a luxurious office, a man sat as memories from a distant past replayed in his mind.

"Let me go!" 

A woman screeched as a man carried her and threw her slender body on the huge bed.

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"What do you think you're doing?" she cried demanded as she got up and tried to escape but the man stopped her. She struggled but he did not let her go. "Let me go! I don't want this!"

"I can't!" the man cried his answer, his anguish apparent in his voice. 

His usually stoic face reflected all the hurt he had been keeping inside. He was breaking. He couldn't bear the loneliness anymore. He couldn't. Using his strength, he overpowered her, making love with her so desperately. He held her as urgently as if she was his life.

But she was indeed his life. His heart. His everything. Without him, there's no point in living.

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