102 Eros et Psyche 5: Something Personal

Michael Chen brought Ria to a posh Mediterranean Restaurant and they were immediately greeted by the staff there and were escorted towards a table intimate for two. Clearly, the CEO was known at the place and she was right.

As soon as they were seated, the manager, followed by the maître d' immediately came to them to serve them in person. Since Ria wasn't familiar with the food, she let Michael order for the two of them and was glad that she did.

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The food and the ambiance were all lovely, and Ria found herself relaxing and simply having fun. Outside the office, the stoic young CEO was actually a charming host who had penchant for intellectual banter over meals.

Her Eros, her dream lover was just sitting across from her and making her smile with his anecdotes. Being there, eating with the witty, handsome, and brilliant Michael Chen felt like a dream come true for her and she found herself falling in love with him deeper and deeper.

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