101 Eros et Psyche 4: It's A Date

Ria felt a little sad. It's not that a subordinate and boss relationship was frowned upon. Society had long since become understanding of that – most especially since she could say she was not entirely useless with how much projects she was able to take. The thing was, accepted by society or not, the gap between their statuses was still miles apart.

Also, Michael Chen might have softened his treatment towards her as they had been working on a project together, but his aloofness still remained. There were still so many facets in his personality that was hidden by shadows.

In short…

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In your dreams Ria Davis. In your dreams…she muttered under her breath as she brought the plates to the sink and marched outside the house towards the waiting car. Inside the car was her schedule for the day— or the person assigned to take care of her schedule. She went over her activities for the week as she was only told the days of the week instead of the complete date. 

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