100 Eros Et Psyche 3: Dreams & Regrets

The fire crackled at the hearth, its crimson blaze along with the faint moonlight peeping from the other side of the heavily draped window illuminated the otherwise darkened room. A huge wingback chair sat next to it and in it rested a man.

The tall, well-built body lay relaxed in the confines of the huge seat, his long, long legs clothed with tight pants which material clung to him like second skin placed on top of another chair across him. His usually pristine shirt now in disarray, unbuttoned in the middle exposing the muscled chest, its sleeves rolled up above his elbow, showing powerful biceps as his hand lay on top of the armrest.

A sweaty glass of wine rested in his hand with ice clinking within, melding with the amber liquid as it melted. His head leaned towards his right, his chin supported by his hand as he rested his elbow against the cushioned armrest.

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