99 Eros et Psyche 2: Michael Chen

Even before Ria Davis had seen their boss in person, Michael Chen had already been very famous for his shrewdness in business. Like his retired mother, he was a cold hearted entrepreneur. He didn't trust anyone, she reminded herself as she nodded and shrugged, and proceeded on placing the roses in the vase.

Surveillance cameras should be the norm in MCA. 

An awkward silence filled the room after that, only broken by Charle's audible sigh. "Have you finished the report I told Park to tell you to revise?"

"I haven't done anything yet. I just got them," Ria said as she pointed at the papers on her table. 

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Charles looked a little bit thoughtful before he sighed once more. "Don't change them anymore."


"Don't change them anymore. Just memorize the details on your meeting with Aqua," he informed her as he scratched his head. "You only have five minutes to do that."

"WHAT?" This time, Ria was really surprised. "The meeting's tomorrow!"

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