110 Eros et Psyche 13: Prank

As if having the same thoughts, Charles and Dylan stared at each other with their eyes wide, their faces reflecting their idea of Ria's possible secondary mental breakdown.

"No way… this can't be happening," Charles muttered. 

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There was no way life could be so cruel as to make people undergo the same traumatic months they did when Ria walked into the office with her memories wiped out. There was just no way— most especially not to his cousin who'd been a dedicated husband.

"But… it's possible, right?" Dylan suggested just as the door to the office burst open and a fresh looking Ria came walking in.

"Good afternoon!" she greeted both with a cheerful smile while Charles and Dylan turned to her with horrified faces. "Ehrm…is there something wrong?" she asked as she transferred her gaze from one to another.

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