109 Eros et Psyche 12: Relapse?

Surprised, he turned to the bed and met his wife's gaze and he felt nervous. "Love?" he asked hesitantly and she nodded.

"Stay. Don't go," she said and he was at a loss. 

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"But I can't stay here. You might…" he thought of ways on how to tell her about her condition but he couldn't come up with anything. "You might…"

"You mean the other "me" might show up and cause a ruckus?" she supplied and his eyes widened. 

"You know about the other you?" he asked and his wife nodded once more.

"I've always known about her though she didn't know about me," she answered as she lifted herself and sat up, her back leaning against the headboard. "But now she does…"

"What do you mean?"

"It means what you think it means," she said as she smiled lovingly at him. "We have become one. There are no more gaps in our memories— and each of us had come to terms with each other's fears and sorrow."

Michael looked at his wife in amazement. "You…"

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