108 Eros et Psyche 11: Resurfacing

Ria now realized that her dreams weren't her imagination at all but memories— memories which her other "self" had engraved deep within her sub-consciousness. Even when the other "her" had gone, her heart which beat for this one person remained.

Having all her memories intact with the help of the doctors, Ria finally found her answers. From Seoul, she rushed back into this house in Singapore to see her husband— to be with him again.

She was sure Michael knew about her condition. He had been protecting her after all from the start, staying at the advertising company even though he had other duties he had to attend to. Ria knew her husband loved her so much he'd do everything and anything he could for her.

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She couldn't even begin to imagine how he had been suffering these past few months. Ria now understood what those pained expressions meant when her husband thought she couldn't see him looking at her.

But their pain and suffering would end. Soon.

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