107 Eros Et Psyche 10: Eros Et Psyche

A black sports car stopped in front of the huge house and a man in a casual shirt and khaki pants stepped out of it. Removing the sunglasses which hid his eyes, he scanned the area, sighed, and decided to come inside.

"Good evening sir," the uniformed maid greeted him as he entered the door and he nodded in her direction. 

"Is my wife home already?" he asked and the maid shook her head. It had been a month since he last saw his wife and he's terribly worried.

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After thanking her, he watched as the staff greeted him before they went out of the house one by one. Ever since his wife's condition changed, he didn't allow anyone to stay in the house with them— not to mention he got rid of all calendars and photographs they had together and stored them somewhere for safekeeping. His wife, on the rare occasions she'd show up could be moody at times, and the anger she exhibited might scare their staff away and rumors might start flying around.

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